My top 10 vegan & healthy Spots in Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich is my Love-City for several reasons

Zurich is one of my favorite cities in the world (at least of the ones I’ve seen so far) for several reasons: be it the beautiful lake and river, the closeness to nature, the interesting range of people, businesses, activities, the safety, the delicious tap water, etc. It’s a somehow metropolitan mix with a villagey-feeling. That is why, even though I really love to go out and discover other places, maybe even live somewhere abroad, one day, I’d always come back for good.

Another reason, why I am very much in love with Zurich is that I am able to live the healthy, vegan, and active lifestyle I want to (which definitely is not everywhere the case). There are many options to shop healthy, vegan food, and also, there are quite some places to eat-out that offer a tasty range of vegan dishes. Of course, you can’t compare Zurich to Bali, Berlin or London, but, I’d say: we can’t complain here either. In the following, I listed you some of my favorite vegan & healthy places in Zurich. Happy Discovery and “en Guete”!

1 Roots And Friends – my all-time favorite in town

My regular go-to and crave. I have been going to Roots and Friends since they started their business and if I had more money, I’d definitely eat their delicious food on a daily basis. Favorites: the Protein Bowl, the Detox Juice, the Banana Bread and the Açai Bowls. Everything is prepared in an aesthetically super-appealing way and prepared without unnecessary ingredients as for example sugar.

2 Vegelateria The Sacred – organic, vegan and healthy – YAS!

A slightly hidden gem in the Zurich scene of healthy, vegan food and actually, to my knowledge, the only place, that solely prepares organic, vegan food. The have a lovely little buffet for reasonable (Zurich) prices that leaves your tummy happy. To top the experience even more, you’ll find a big choice of self-made gelato (lots of it without sugar) and some other yummy vegan desserts. I’m a regular there too. Easy guess, right?

3 Juicery 21 – solid green juices & tasty bliss balls

Another good choice for vegan food is the Juicery 21. I am passing thereby sporadically, mostly for a green juice, sometimes for an oatmeal or one of their tasty blissballs. They also serve foods like Bagels, Quinoa Bowls, Açai Bowls, etc.

4 Chimy’s – the best all-you-can-eat in town!

I was absolutely stoked about the super delicious buffet at Chimy’s. I did somehow not expect that at all – don’t ask me why. But, what you get at Chimy’s for CHF 26.- all-you-can-eat is just unique in Zurich. An Asian-Indian-Mix of foods, nearly all-vegan, and the best: all of it is really, really good. The main reason I am not eating there more often is that I am constantly eating waaay too much whenever I am there.

5 Hiltl – The Oldest Vegetarian Restaurant in Europe

In earlier times I used to eat at Hiltl all the time. The buffet is just huge and the range of choice seemingly endless. If you are in Zurich, you simply have to eat at least once at Hiltl. If you choose well, you may eat very healthy at Hiltl too.

6 Tibits – the little Hiltl-sister

When I lived at Seefeld, and nearly door-to-door with Tibits, I couldn’t help it but eating there on a daily basis. The buffet is slightly smaller than at Hiltl and I’d describe Tibits as Hiltl’s little sister. As I am now not living close to it anymore, I am not there that much anymore. But every time I get back, it feels a bit like coming home.

7 Co Chin Chin – Vietnamese food heaven

It’s not that long ago, that I discovered Vietnamese food in London. Back in Zurich, I simply had to have it again. And there was Co Chin Chin, saving me from my Vietnamese-Food-Cravings. Just go! It’s fantastic! And vegan-friendly.

8 Palestine Grill – the best oriental Fast Food in Zurich

Want some fast food for once? Well, make it a good one and choose Palestine Grill. Their Falafel, Sabich, French Fries and Hummus are game changers!

9 Più – Vegan Pizza please.

I am a Pizza Lover – still, I try to keep my Pizza consumption within a reasonable amount. However, a Pizza without meat and cheese’s already close to healthy, isn’t it? And that’s what you get at Più. I really appreciate the possibility of combining and choosing however you want your Pizza to be – vegan-pizza-pleasure made easy!

10 Damas / Maison Blunt / Bebek – Mezze till you drop

Yes, I love oriental food and that’s what you find at these three hotspots in Zurich. Damas feels slightly more traditional, whilst Maison Blunt & Bebek are the hipper and more stylish options. Still, both places serve great food: at Damas I usually order a vegan assortment of Mezze, at Maison Blunt & Bebek I often opt for a choice of Mezze too. Yuuum!

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  • rahel

    15/08/2018 at 0:27

    where is klara's kitchen on this list? ;-) delicious […] Read Morewhere is klara's kitchen on this list? ;-) delicious and organic! best wishes Rahel Read Less

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      to rahel

      20/08/2018 at 7:20

      Hey Rahel, right - I heard so much of it - […] Read MoreHey Rahel, right - I heard so much of it - but, incredible enough, haven't been there so far! Really gotta do that though. It's planned since a long time :-) Thanks for your feedback and have a lovely day, Anina Read Less

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