Eco-Warrior News August 2018: sustainable findings, thoughts & gems

Things are Moving in the Sustainability World

Even though it somehow sounds weird to write “Sustainability World” as it somehow suggest a parallel world to the “normal” one. However, when I think about it, it unfortunately still does somehow feel like an other universe – a growing one, but still, separate in a way. More and more human beings, companies, etc. realize that we have to change our impact on the planet and our immediate environment. Numerous measurements have been taken but still, there are way too many entities successfully ignoring that something has to be done. Entities that hold important and influential places.

I sometimes do ask myself how long it is still going to take till everybody understands that we are frontally running into a wall. Well, nevertheless, whilst waiting for this particular moment in time, I am sharing here some randomly collected sustainable facts / products / figures / projects that crossed my path and caught my attention.

1 The SEA SPRAY by LUSH – taming & loving my Currly Curls

It’s for a very long time that I am testing through products that do some good to my wild curls. And I keep being disappointed frequently. Either, a product seems to work well at first, nurturing my hair and putting it into a nice form. But just a little bit later, my mane is even drier than before and looks and feels worse. Lots of oils promise beautiful curls when in the end just making them appear oily.

The Sea Spray by LUSH is different. It not only smells so good that I might even think about using it as my perfume (kidding, but it really smells too good) but it also forms my curls just wonderfully. Literally as if I just walked out of the ocean, but better, because the Sea Spray actually nurtures the curls instead of drying them out, as does the salty sea water. You find the Sea Spray here & the Code Check information here.

2 “Finding Ultra” by Rich Roll – when Vegan Nutrition Makes More Sense than Ever

This book literally hit me! It struck me with enlightenment. Not only it’s super-well written, but its content is incredibly valuable to me. Rich Roll takes you on his journey from being a young professional swimmer to becoming an alcohol addict and to then getting sober. Later, at the age of forty, he however realizes that being sober isn’t enough and that if he wants to see his children growing up, he dearly has to change something about his unsporty, American-Fastfood lifestyle. Inspired by his wife, July, he then completely transforms his diet and starts into an entirely vegan journey, ultimately setting the goal of completing an Ultra triathlon.

Rich Roll takes the reader onto this journey and impressively shows how much the change of diet impacts his health and therefore also his life. Also, he made me have several Aha-Moments with regards to a plant-powered (as he calls vegan) nutrition and helped me so much to understand how I have to fuel my body. I will definitely dig deeper into this topic and the next step will be having a closer look into some of his cooking books and also his online program. Find the book here, and the online program here – if you want a reduction of 30$ use the code rr30anina5268.

3 Ido Portal’s Movement Culture – have I been looking exactly for this? 

Another gem I discovered just recently is Mr Ido Portal. And I highly recommend you to look into his ideas too. His so called “movement culture” is getting away from the idea of being a “dancer”, a “runner”, etc. but it’s all about exploring movement per se and thus developing an agile, strong, capable body. The goal is not being successful but fearlessness. I was very much inspired by a documentary about Ido Portal on Youtube, you’ll find the video just below. Also, check him out on Instagram for inspirational and impressive moves, bodies, ideas. I’ll definitely soon hit some workshop with him and his tribe.

4 Coconut Oil & Baking Soda: the miraculous Combination

I currently am in a herbal treatment which leads to quite some detoxing which unfortunately also comes with an unwanted smell, as soon as I am slightly sweating. I am not at all used to this, even more so because I have been using natural deodorants for a very long time now. But at the moment, even when I am taking a shower, I seem to not getting rid of the smell. I have to add that I do have an absolutely hyper-sensitive nose – so maybe I am making the cause bigger than it is. But still, to me it’s very uncomfortable.

When Carla from Bonnieversum, my favorite Minimal Waste Expert, tells me to just mix some coconut oil with baking soda, my reaction at first is slightly adverse. I am very much friends with easy and natural solutions but sometimes I also feel like some things are going to far when it comes to self-mixing and brewing stuff. But yeah, I am also treating myself with herbs and never taking any medicine, and all natural and organic, etc. So why not just trying it?

I mix some spoons of coconut oil with two spoons of baking soda and I immediately apply it onto the smelly surface. And I swear, it took not even a second, and the smell is gone. Completely gone. I just smell softly like coconut. That’s it. I am thoroughly amazed, asking myself WHEN THE HELL it happened that we started to over-complicate things. Create super complex products that actually harm us when we could just use some simply oil & baking soda. At least for my part, I am done using deos, I might keep one of my fav Weleda deos as a back-up. But for the rest of it – it’s gonna be none or the miraculous mix. Thank you Carla!

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